Yoxxie: Speaker, Sponsor & Exhibitor detail listings

Part of running an event is not only promoting it, but also promoting the different players at your event. Speakers, Sponsors, and Exhibitors are going to be the key players at most events. This is because your attendees are coming to see your Speakers and Exhibitors, and your Sponsors are paying good money in order to get noticed, make connections, and get a good ROI. The Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform provides numerous mediums in which you can further promote your Speakers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors.


Speakers are individuals or companies that are driving sessions. They are the presenters providing their subject matter expertise for your attendees at your event’s various sessions. The Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform allows you to feature all of your speakers by listing them, listing the sessions they are speaking at, allowing them to attach digital materials to their speaking engagements, and also by providing biographical information.



Exhibitors are individual or companies that have a booth on the event floor for featuring goods and services. Through the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform, your can give your Exhibitors a way to reach their audience through their mobile devices. Exhibitors receive their own listing within the event mobile application, and also provide the Exhibitor with a page where they can add all the information they want about themselves and what they are offering. Exhibitors can connect with Attendees both inside the mobile application and outside of the mobile application using social media offerings such as Twitter.



Sponsors are the companies that are paying for promotion through your event. Through the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform¬†you can additionally feature your Sponsors within the mobile application. You can tier the Sponsors you want to list by Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and then provide each featured Sponsor with a page of their own within the mobile application. The Sponsor details provide company information, product offerings, methods of contact, and even a map of the Sponsor’s location.


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