Yoxxie: Security and Authentication

In the modern computing age of the Cloud and almost daily cyber security breaches of major online retailers, security and authentication are important concerns of application users. This is why the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform has taken numerous steps to secure the information of its users, and ensure that only authorized parties can access even the most basic information about another user.

Event registration requires a code.

The Yoxxie Content Management System allows you to specify special codes for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to sign themselves up through the mobile application. This allows you to ensure that not just anyone can register for your event. If your attendee registration code is superevent123 then all your attendees have to do is download the mobile application, press the “Registration” button, and fill out their information using the registration code. The Yoxxie Content Management System even provides you with the email to broadcast to your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.


Yoxxie accounts are password protected.

Yoxxie accounts for the various mobile applications and the Content Management System are protected by email address and password.  A single Yoxxie account will allow you to register for any event for which you have the registration code, and to login to any event for which you are registered.

You choose what information to share when you connect.

The Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform uses a QR Code badge system to allow users to connect. Whenever you let someone scan your badge or you scan someone else’s badge, both of you form a connection in which you can view contact information which the other has chosen to share. This is typically a combination of phone number and email address.


No financial information is stored and communication is encrypted.

No financial information of any kind is stored. All financial transactions are delegated to trusted third party providers over encrypted channels such as PayPal and Stripe. Communications between the Content Management System and the Platform, as well as the various mobile applications and the Platform are also encrypted.

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