Yoxxie Finding a Company Name

As many of you know coming up with company names in this day and age of…”HEY, THERE ARE NO FREAKING DOMAIN NAMES LEFT…IN THE WORLD…WITHOUT NEEDLESS MARKUP!” we had to get creative. We wanted to find a catchy cool name that wasn’t long and was easy to remember.

After weeks of deliberation we found Yoxxie. Here was the some of the marketing thought & definition behind Yoxxie:

yoxxie mobile event app

Definition:  An attention grabbing name that calls out “yo!” or “look see.” It implies trends, events and happening now.

Possible uses:  A marketing consulting group. A social media tool. A mobile games developer. An event service.

Categories:  6-Letter, Event, Cloud Based, Marketing, Mobile App

Keywords:  call, direction, fast, friends, greetings, leadership, marketing, trends, unique, mobile

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