Quickly create multiple events with Yoxxie

The Yoxxie Content Management System allows event planners to easily create and manage multiple events using the latest in responsive HTML5 web technologies.

Tell us about your events

To create a new event we just need the basics: a name, some dates, and how you want to allow people to register. You can fill in other important details later such as selecting colors, icons, integrating with services like Twitter, and the different features you want to use within the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform. The event planner has the power to do everything they need through any web browser. There is no need to involve some other third party to press buttons and upload files for you.

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See your mobile application now

Getting your new event onto a mobile device as a native application takes minutes. This is because the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform uses the latest in cloud technologies to build, deploy, and host its own private iOS and Android AppStore for testing and/or delivering your mobile apps. When you are ready we can also move your mobile apps onto other mediums such as the Apple AppStore and the various Android stores such as Google Play.


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