Custom event app branding with Yoxxie

Your company’s and/or event’s brand is something which is very important. It is what visually distinguishes you, and makes your mobile application unique across the millions of other mobile applications.

How far can the customization go? As far as you want it.

First start the basics: colors and logo. Your primary color determines the how buttons, panels, links, and shading look. Your primary color is incorporated into every colorable aspect of the mobile application. It is recommended to use a darker primary color so that white colored text is crisp against it as a background, and so that when used as a link color for text that it displays against the much lighter background color.


The logo is used at numerous resolutions as your mobile application’s icon. Through the Yoxxie Content Management System you only have to upload a single large image, which is then resized to meet all of the icon size requires for iOS and Android. No more having to manually resize the same images dozens of times.


Even more.

Background images, custom maps, fonts, button icons, etc. Everything can be customized to suit your event’s needs. Do as little or as much as you want in order to accomplish your events particular branding goals.






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