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Simple registration process and data collection

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Signing up people for the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform is now more easy than ever.

Already have a list? Upload it

A lot of event planners already have lists of attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and others ready to go. Through the Yoxxie Content Management System planners can upload lists of people over the web in order to quickly handle pre-registration in bulk. No need to involve a third party to do it for you, or to wait hours for the changes to occur. You can do it yourself and have the changes instantly applied.


No list and a lot of people? Have them register themselves

The Yoxxie Content Management System allows you to specify special codes for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to sign themselves up through the mobile application. This allows you to ensure that not just anyone can register for your event. If your attendee registration code is superevent123 then all your attendees have to do is download the mobile application, press the “Registration” button, and fill out their information using the registration code. The Yoxxie Content Management System even provides you with the email to broadcast to your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.


Need to personally register some VIPs? No problem

The Yoxxie Content Management System allows planners to manually register and maintain accounts. This flexibility gives event planners full control over the registration process.


Drive event engagement through gamification

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Looking for a way to provide your attendees within even more reason to engage with your event through the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform?

Gamification is the answer

Incentivise engagement by rewarding attendees for their actions. Turn Yoxxie platform usage into a game by giving attendees points for actions, and then provide your top attendees with gifts at the end of the event based on point totals. Use this to further promote sponsors, products, and other offerings.

More Engagement = Better Analytics

With better analytics you can get a more clear picture of what drives your attendees. Take more intelligent next steps based on actionable feedback and advanced reporting through the Yoxxie Content Management System. Deeper attendee engagement on a mobile app can also generate more leads for sponsors, leading to better ROI.