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Custom event app branding with Yoxxie

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Your company’s and/or event’s brand is something which is very important. It is what visually distinguishes you, and makes your mobile application unique across the millions of other mobile applications.

How far can the customization go? As far as you want it.

First start the basics: colors and logo. Your primary color determines the how buttons, panels, links, and shading look. Your primary color is incorporated into every colorable aspect of the mobile application. It is recommended to use a darker primary color so that white colored text is crisp against it as a background, and so that when used as a link color for text that it displays against the much lighter background color.


The logo is used at numerous resolutions as your mobile application’s icon. Through the Yoxxie Content Management System you only have to upload a single large image, which is then resized to meet all of the icon size requires for iOS and Android. No more having to manually resize the same images dozens of times.


Even more.

Background images, custom maps, fonts, button icons, etc. Everything can be customized to suit your event’s needs. Do as little or as much as you want in order to accomplish your events particular branding goals.






Bookmark event sessions to create your schedule

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Yoxxie allows your event mobile application users to build their own schedules. No more having to spend the money to printout one-fits-all schedules for everyone, or having to force attendees to hack something together using their own calendars. Give your attendees the power to control their own schedules.

Invite, save, and connect.

Once you invite your attendees to your event hosted on the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform, your attendees can start adding available sessions to their own schedule. Each session can provide as much or as little detail as you want, and can even include allowing attendees to connect with speakers through many different social media platforms.



More connections means better engagement.

By allowing attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to connect inside and outside of the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform, your event lives on beyond its last scheduled session. People can lookup their contacts, download session documents, and pursue other forms of engagement long after the event is over.

PDF, Word, Excel document viewer

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The cost for printing materials even for a small event can be very costly. This is why it is preferable to be able to deliver media digitally. The Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform can do just that by allowing the attachment of Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and images to scheduled activities. These attachments can then be viewed on mobile devices.

Need to share materials with thousands of people? No problem.

Simply upload your documents through the Yoxxie Content Management System. Anyone with the mobile application for your event can instantly view any attached document on their mobile device. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars printing out materials.


Quickly create multiple events with Yoxxie

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The Yoxxie Content Management System allows event planners to easily create and manage multiple events using the latest in responsive HTML5 web technologies.

Tell us about your events

To create a new event we just need the basics: a name, some dates, and how you want to allow people to register. You can fill in other important details later such as selecting colors, icons, integrating with services like Twitter, and the different features you want to use within the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform. The event planner has the power to do everything they need through any web browser. There is no need to involve some other third party to press buttons and upload files for you.

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See your mobile application now

Getting your new event onto a mobile device as a native application takes minutes. This is because the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform uses the latest in cloud technologies to build, deploy, and host its own private iOS and Android AppStore for testing and/or delivering your mobile apps. When you are ready we can also move your mobile apps onto other mediums such as the Apple AppStore and the various Android stores such as Google Play.